Benefits of The WordPress Hosting for Your Digital Marketing Agency

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Digital marketing is one of the rising sectors in this internet era. Therefore, many people choose this industry. But have you ever thought about how many websites are available online?

It is all because of the web hosting infrastructure. Web hosting servers have the space to store website files and applications.

And many digital marketing agencies use WordPress to build their marketing websites. And how can we deny the fact that this popular CMS powers more than 43% of websites?

If you are reading this blog as a digital marketing agency owner, we recommend opting for the best managed WordPress hosting.

Why are we saying so? You will get to know after reading this blog and you will understand the benefits of WordPress hosting.

Is Shared Hosting Not Feasible for Digital Marketers?

Before answering the same question, let us highlight some basic information about digital marketing.

Shared hosting is a web hosting type that hosts websites developed on PHP, Laravel, and others. WordPress on the other hand requires specific themes and plugins along with the hosting plan. If that thing is missing, it is better to buy WordPress hosting plans. However, India’s leading web hosting firm MilesWeb offers shared hosting services that are compatible with WordPress CMS.

As a digital marketer, using MilesWeb’s hosting plans will be helpful. And the best part is they have specific WordPress hosting plans.

So, the answer to the above question is, it all depends on the requirement of developers or the website owner to have or not.

What Is So Special About Managed WordPress Hosting?

Digital marketing agencies lack time, and they have to focus on their daily business operations. Hence, outsourcing an IT team that provides technical assistance gives all troubleshooting guidance.

To resolve problems or find out when their website will return, they don’t want to contact hosting providers repeatedly.

For agencies, managed WordPress hosting is a better option. A variety of useful features will improve speed, increase security, and simplify management with this WordPress-specific hosting option.

Unlike shared hosting, managed hosting allows you to take control of your website. You will be responsible for managing and maintaining the server and website. If anything goes wrong, you will be notified immediately.

You should consider this option for several reasons.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting for Digital Marketers

1. Server and Application performance

Every WordPress website or any normal one also requires a server for worldwide user accessibility. Managed WordPress hosting providers offer servers and an application’s performance commitment.

If your server or website crashes, the web hosts’ technical team is always there to assist and troubleshoot technical problems. There are many technical problems that business owners will be unaware of, and the web hosting company’s team will resolve them in no time.

2. Managed Updates and Backups

Online websites may be dysfunctional without prior notice. It is recommended to have website backup solutions. As a result, data loss risk is always there!

So, always prefer website backup solutions, and a managed WordPress hosting provider provides the same. You don’t need to pay an additional amount to get a backup or the latest WordPress updates. The IT team of professionals at a web hosting company will do it for you.

3. Extended Technical Assistance

The more you pay, the more you get. Technical support is available as part of managed hosting. In most cases, you can chat live online.

Most companies offer dedicated support options that allow you to contact their support staff almost immediately.

For larger marketing agencies, this is a great option. It is not affordable for clients who want to know why their website is down. Therefore, the sooner you can resolve it, the better. It might be necessary to charge a premium for more advanced support, but clients can pay more if they wish.

4. Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

Pay-as-you-go managed WordPress hosting is available from reliable web hosts. The cost is based on how much you use. It is possible to customize the server specifications at the start and to adjust them as your needs change. By doing this, you can save quite a bit of money on unneeded resources.


We hope you have enjoyed this piece of information! As a digital marketing agency, you need to focus entirely on your website, and search engine rankings and online presence all depend on it. Therefore, choose a reliable WordPress hosting company that offers premium features with exemplary configurations.


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