Learn to Make Windows Show File Extensions

File Extensions

You can change the default program to show or hide file extensions if you want to hide specific files on your computer. To do this, go to the Start menu and type “control panel.” On the next window, click the Customize and Personalize button. From the Customize and Personalize menu, select a file extension. Then, click on the Show or Hide File Extensions command. You will now see the file extensions in the right side pane.

Changing The Default Program

To change the default program to open files with specific file extensions, go to the Start menu > Control Panel > Default Programs. Select a new program, such as File Explorer. Select the app you want to open those types of files using the “Change default programs to” option in the drop-down menu. You can change the default program to a new one by following the same steps.

In the Default Programs window, choose a program. If the program does not appear on the list, browse to its executable (.exe) file to find it. After you’ve located the app, please select it from the list and set it as the default program for files with specific extensions. If the default program is no longer working, change its settings to match the new program. Otherwise, you’ll need to uncheck the program first to change its behavior.

Changing the default program is easy. To change the default program for a specific file type, open it with the program you want to change. Use the Default Programs option to modify the default application for all file types. Once you’ve made this change, you’ll notice that all file types are now displayed in the “Open With” window. If you change your default program back to Windows Explorer, the default program will no longer open files with file extensions.

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Hide Or Show File Extensions

If you want to see or hide file extensions in Windows, you can change the value of a registry key. The key jpeg file can be found in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, but you must right-click a blank space in the registry to find it. Then, change its value from 0 to 1. Afterward, you can see or hide file extensions according to your preferences.

You’ll want to enable the ‘Extensions’ option when using File Explorer. By default, Windows will show file extensions that you recognize, such as.docx or.pdf. You should hide the extension if you have an unknown file type. Luckily, there are two simple ways to change the settings for this in Windows 10.

Firstly, open the Folder Options dialog box. Go to the Advanced Settings tab. Click the HideFileExt DWORD entry and change it to 1. By default, the value is set to 0.

Changing The Default Program For A Particular File Extension

Open the Control Panel and choose “Associate a program with a certain file type or protocol” to alter the default software in Windows for a given file extension. Select the file extension in the list that appears and then click “Suggested programs” or “Other apps.” From there, choose the application to open the selected files. You can also add a new program to the list of programs that open file extensions.

By selecting the program that opens the file, Windows 10 lets you change the default application for a certain file extension. To change the default program for a file extension in Windows, navigate to the Control Panel and select “Default Programs.” Click on the name of the file extension and then select “Change default apps.” Choose the program that opens the selected file. Changing the default program for a file extension will also change the associations for web URLs.

Changing the default program for a particular file extension can be difficult if you have several different programs installed on your computer. Some programs will automatically configure themselves to open all types of files. Reviewing these changes carefully before accepting them is recommended, but only some users will accept them without checking. Thankfully, Windows allows users to change the default program for a specific file extension by right-clicking the file and selecting “Open with.”


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