Where Can You Download Free Proxy Servers?

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Where can you download free proxy servers? Well, you can download these servers and install them on your desktop. However, before downloading any proxy server, you must know how to use it. You will benefit from the helpful advice and information in this article. In addition, you can also get information on Windscribe, JanaServer, Oxylabs, Megaproxy, and others. Then, you can try them out and enjoy their benefits.

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To use Windscribe, you must first register at the company’s website. After that, fill up your username and password to create an account. Once registered, you can select an upgrade plan and visit the “my account” page. The yearly program is the best value, but you can also build a custom plan to suit your needs. After downloading Windscribe, you can switch to a paid plan anytime by logging into your account and selecting “upgrade.”

After installing the browser add-on, you can choose the privacy settings you’d like to use. Advanced privacy tools include browser time and ad blockers. You can also select a randomly assigned user agent to avoid being tracked by websites. Additional features include malware, phishing, and ad protection. In addition to privacy settings, Windscribe offers many other valuable features, such as firewall and malware protection. The user interface is lightweight and easy to use.


The JanaServer free proxy server is a powerful freeware tool that allows you to access the Internet with the modem, DSL, or ISDN. You can send e-mails to other users or computers using this accessible proxy server. You can also use the server as a web server to create local web pages or an intranet for your organization. The server is compatible with PHP and Perl/CGI.

Jana Server is a free, standalone application that can run as an e-mail server, HTTP server, or intranet. It supports Perl, CGI, PHP, and ASP scripting languages and has separate mail accounts for each user. It also offers DNS forwarding and FTP server services for users. In addition to these features, Jana Server can be installed on multiple computers and managed through a web interface.


You can use Oxylabs Free Proxy Servers for different purposes. These uses include scraping competitor data, preventing counterfeiting, and defending websites against malware. Depending on which version of Oxylabs Free Proxy Servers you choose, you can save up to 75% on your monthly subscription. The best part of Oxylabs is that it is free to use! So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Oxylabs Free Proxy Servers today!

Oxylabs proxies communicate with websites over HTTP. It ensures privacy and security. Moreover, they are compatible with different browsers. Furthermore, they offer a variety of package validity periods. You can choose a package according to the amount of traffic you want to make. You can also benefit from the company’s money-back guarantee and free trials. Remember, though, that free proxy servers are not scams. You’re good to go as long as you know the privacy and cybersecurity issues associated with them.


If you want to access all sorts of websites but need more time to install them, Megaproxy may be a good option. This free proxy service has extensive features, including ad blocking, cookie disabling, and browser user agent identification disabling. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play video or music or download large files with Megaproxy. It may only allow you to access some websites on the Internet. To improve the connection, you can also refer to this router login guide to log in to IP.

If you want to use a private proxy server, MegaProxy also has a premium version that costs $9.95 per ninety-day subscription. Premium proxies also remove many limitations from the free version, including being unable to download files larger than 200 kilobytes or visiting 60 sites in five hours. Premium versions also allow you to encrypt 20 cookies at once. Nonprofit and educational institutions can get better prices if they purchase a subscription.


You can access Whoer’s free proxy servers worldwide and use them to unblock websites. This web proxy service also offers DNS leak checks, an online ping test, and platform-specific apps. The web proxy can change your IP address and unblock websites quickly and easily. You can even use Whoer to hide your IP address and increase your privacy on the Internet. This service offers services in multiple countries, including the USA and Netherlands. Its free service is easy to use and offers fast connection to servers in your choice of countries. Security is also top-notch, and the company doesn’t record any information about what you do on their proxy servers.

You can also use Whoer’s free web proxy service to hide your IP address. While it will only change your IP to the Netherlands, this service has restrictions, like having a maximum connection speed of 1 MB/s. One of the few free proxies on the Internet, it has a 4.2 Trustpilot customer satisfaction rating. You can also use platform-specific apps and extensions to hide your IP address. However, you may find that the accessible version of Whoer lacks advanced proxy capabilities.


This article discusses various free proxy servers that can be downloaded and installed on desktops for improved Internet browsing. The article covers Windscribe, JanaServer, Oxylabs, Megaproxy, and Whoer. Windscribe requires registration before use, and users can select a paid plan at any time. JanaServer can be used as an email, HTTP, or intranet server and supports various scripting languages. Oxylabs Free Proxy Servers are free to use and offer privacy and security. Megaproxy has extensive features but has limitations on file downloads and website access. Whoer offers worldwide access to proxy servers and can hide IP addresses with fast connections and top-notch security. While some of these servers may have restrictions or limitations, they all offer valuable features to improve Internet browsing experiences.


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